Tiago Forte – Building A Second Brain V2

Tiago Forte – Building A Second Brain V2


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Tiago Forte – Building A Second Brain V2 is one of the best ,

Do you consume tons of interesting information, but feel like it’s not leading to meaningful results in your life?
Discover how having a Second Brain is helping people around the world save their best ideas, organize their learning, and dramatically expand their creative output
The Promise of the Course
You will learn how to capture, organize, and share your ideas and insights using digital notes, with a systematic approach and tools that you trust to support creative breakthroughs in your work
Unit 1: Introduction to the Course
Unit 2: Organizing for Insight
Unit 3: Digital Cognition
Unit 4: Progressive Summarization
Unit 5: Maximizing Return-on-Attention
Unit 6: Just-In-Time Productivity
Unit 7: Workflow Canvas
Unit 8: The Big Picture
Remember Everything, Achieve Anything
SIZE: 1,6 GB

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Tiago Forte- Building A Second Brain V2 Contents: Videos, Pdfs, Txts

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