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Make Her Love You For Life: Video Version

How to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you, respect you and be totally in love with you when in a relationship.

About Make Her Love You For Life

Make Her Love You for Life is a 9 hour video program that is also available on audio.

When you watch or listen to the program, you will learn how to make a woman respect you, love you and feel sexually attracted to you for life when in a relationship.

Unfortunately, for most men out there, they get into a relationship with a woman and it’s good at the start, but then she eventually changes.

For example:

  • She loses interest in having sex or withholds sex.
  • She stops being affectionate.
  • She no longer respects him like she used to.
  • She falls out of love with him.
  • She stops being willing to work on the relationship and just gives up even though he’s treating her well and trying to make things work.
  • She starts becoming interested in other men, which then makes him become insecure, angry, jealous, or controlling.
  • She doesn’t put in any effort to keep the spark alive.
  • She expects him to do whatever she wants and if he doesn’t, she gives him the silent treatment, throws a tantrum, or stops being affectionate.
  • She expects romantic gestures from him, but doesn’t do much or anything for him in return.
  • She creates unnecessary stress and problems in the relationship by being negative, moody, or stubborn.
  • She shows more respect and love for her friends, coworkers and family than she does for him.
  • She starts spending more and more time away from him (e.g. with her girlfriends, with her family, focusing on her career or other interests) and gets annoyed or angry if he brings it up.
  • She goes from seeing him as the one to treating him as a housemate, a friend or someone that she’s only with until something better comes along.
  • She gradually becomes a different person and stops treating him as well as she used to.
  • She doesn’t listen to what he tells her to do and often seems to do the opposite just to annoy him or spite him.
  • She expects him to change a lot of things about himself, but doesn’t think that she needs to change much or anything about herself.
  • She doesn’t really appreciate all the nice things he does for her.
  • She doesn’t try to make him feel loved and doesn’t care if he complains about it.

Now, that’s a horrible way to live life as a man.

When you’re in a relationship with a woman who you really love, care about and want the relationship to work, you don’t want to be getting that sort of response from her.

You want her to be loving you and feeling sexually attracted to you and putting in her share of effort.

You want her to be contributing to the relationship and being a good woman for you rather than being a pain in the butt and creating drama, creating problems and not giving you the love, respect and affection that you deserve.

How do you fix the problem?

Well, as it turns out, women don’t actually want to treat you in that way.

When you’re in a relationship with a woman and she treats you in some of the ways mentioned above, she doesn’t actually want to be doing it.

She wants to be treating you better. Yet, she’s waiting for you to change the dynamic.

It really just comes down to what you say to her and what you do around her.

You might have seen other guys when they are in relationships with women and the woman is really attentive towards him, affectionate, loving, she respects him, they have a great sex life and she’s such a good woman for him.

That’s how a woman wants to treat you in a relationship, but the way that it works is that if you allow her to create the sort of dynamic in the relationship where she doesn’t treat you well, then the whole thing starts to fall apart.

Problems begin to emerge (i.e. she stops being affectionate, she stops respecting you, she stops listening to what you’ve got to say and she starts becoming a pain in the butt, basically).

What you need to realize is that you have a lot of direct control over how you make her feel and behave around you.

She reacts in response to how you’re talking, how you’re thinking, how you’re feeling and how you’re behaving.

She will treat you better if you just start to talk to her in a different way and behave in a different way and react to her in a different way.

The reason why is that women (even though they don’t admit it), are very passive and they go along with whatever the man does.

For example: If you allow a relationship dynamic to develop where she’s not affectionate toward you, she doesn’t respect you and she doesn’t show love and she doesn’t care about you much, then a woman will go down that path with you.

However, if you create a relationship dynamic where she does show love and affection towards you, she initiates sex, she respects you, she listens to you, she treats you well, then she’ll go down that path with you as well.

You’re in control of it.

You can make her be one way or the other.

Even if she’s a very independent woman and she likes to think her way and do her own thing, it doesn’t matter.

At the end of the day, you are the man and she’s going to follow your lead.

The truth is that you can make her be a better woman for you and the best thing of all is that she actually wants to do that.

A woman wants to be a great woman for you because it makes her feel good when she’s like that.

When a woman is so in love with her man, so respectful towards him and so attracted to him that she treats him well, initiates sex, she gets down and sucks him off, she cooks for him, she cleans, she does nice things for you, that actually makes her happy.

You won’t get many women admitting that in public though, but if you have a look at women who are the happiest with their man, that’s how they behave.

A woman wants to be a woman in a relationship with a man. She wants you to make her be a good woman for you, which is better for her and better for you. You get a better woman and she is happier.

A Woman Waits and Hopes That You Create This Type of Relationship Dynamic

One final thing to point out is that when a woman is in a relationship with a man who doesn’t create this type of relationship dynamic where she’s so in love with him, so respectful of him and so attracted to him that she wants to be good to him, then she feels disappointed.

A woman waits for that to happen and if it doesn’t happen, she doesn’t do it.

Most women do it at the start when they’re trying to be nice and get the guy into a relationship and they’re on their best behavior.

Yet, if the relationship dynamic isn’t there later on, the woman stops doing it and she feels disappointed that the relationship is going that way.

She doesn’t actually want to be treating her man badly.

She’s waiting for him to take the lead and bring the spark back, get her to respect him again, make her feel attracted, get that love back, make her want to be a good woman for him.

That’s what she’s waiting for and if he doesn’t do it, she’s disappointed.

Then, if it goes on for long enough, she either cheats on him or breaks up with him.

It just happens so often out there where a relationship starts out well and then it begins to fall apart over time.

You don’t have to go through that.

I’m here to tell you that a relationship becomes increasingly happy and enjoyable over time.

Your woman does not lose interest in having sex with you.

She does not become a bitch and start disrespecting you.

She does not fall out of love with you.

That’s what tends to happen when the wrong relationship dynamic is in place.

If the relationship dynamic is out of whack, a guy can easily change it.

He has just got to start talking to her in a different way, behaving in a different way and reacting to her in a different way and she instantly begins to change.

She becomes a better woman.

She stops being a pain in the butt.

She stops rejecting sex and starts initiating it.

She stops creating problems and starts being a good woman for him.

That’s what you can have.

So, if you want to learn my secrets for having an amazing, happy, sexual relationship with a woman that lasts for life, I recommend that you watch or listen to Make Her Love You for Life.


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