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Ancient Medicines for Modern Minds
We have a need modern medicines can’t seem to satiate: an ever-present pull to connect with something beyond our struggling society and heal from its effects on our minds, bodies, and spirits. Could psychedelics bridge a critical gap in our society?
Does Modern Society Suppress Human Consciousness?
Plant ceremonies using ayahuasca, peyote, mushrooms, and marijuana — once considered healing, consciousness-expanding experiences — have been pushed to the fringes of modern society. These sacred psychedelic plants went from instruments used to nourish individuals and unite communities to being labeled categorically unsafe for the modern mind. Why?
Psychedelica takes a holistic look at emerging science, long-standing beliefs, and the psychological healing potential of these plants to ask, “Who holds the keys to consciousness?”
Our Groundbreaking Original Series Examines:
Sacred Healing
Integrating Shamanic Wisdom
Treating Illness with Plant Medicines
Set, Setting, & Psychotropic Experiments
Expanding Human Consciousness
Shadow Side of Psychedelics
Indigenous Medicine of the Mind
The Holy Mushroom Theory
SIZE: 6,4 GB

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