[Download] Matt Artisan – Pick Up Artist Academy Course

[Download] Matt Artisan – Pick Up Artist Academy Course


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Matt Artisan–Pick Up Artist Academy Course is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

Pick Up Artist Academy is a monthly coaching program for mastering the art of approaching, attracting, dating, and seducing women. Each week you will be provided with the tools that you will need to build the proper inner game foundation, detailed instruction for approaching and attracting women, a method for overcoming approach anxiety, a system for physical escalation, phone and “text game” mastery, first date strategies, and others.
Presented by Artisan, Pick Up Artist Academy (PUA Academy) is the most effective pick up artist training (pua training) on the planet! You will be coached by some of the top pick up artists in the world to learn how to approach, attract, seduce and pick up any woman you want regardless of your looks, age or status.

Table of Contents:

– “In Class” PUA Coaching Videos: 35 Lessons (30 hours)
– Notes and Assignments
– Artisan Interview
– Infield Footage
– Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls
– Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests
– Texting 2.0
– Flirt Mastery

Each week you’ll receive the most cutting edge pua training videos and seminars on every topic from advanced day game to same night sex and anything and everything in between. Be prepared for the best pua training you’ve ever experienced!

• Basic pick up principles and fundamentals (to be an expert at anything you must master the basics!)
• Overcoming the Fear of Approaching and becoming more social in your every day life.
•.Adam Lyons gives you solutions to the most common sticking points guys have when learning “game”.
• Approaching women during the day (day game).
• How to continue the conversation, build instant attraction, deep rapport, never run out of things to say, and make her CHASE YOU during the day!
• David Wygant teaches you how to be a powerfully strong man who is 100% real and authentic around women
• Closing and Getting her phone number in under 2 minutes.
• Handling Tests – Overcoming her objections, tests, or anything that throws you off guard.
•.Non Verbal Communication – Mastering body language.
• Elizabeth Everet teaches deep inner game secrets and how to use the law of attraction to get the women you want.
• Talking and Voice Tonality – Seduce her with your voice.
• Style, fashion, grooming and how you present yourself.
• Speer teaches damage control techniques – what to do if you mess something up.
• Vince Kelvin teaches instant makeouts and kiss closes.
• Hired Guns – Meeting women that are working (bartenders, cocktail waitresses, retail, etc.).
• Relationship Management – Managing multiple booty calls, relationships, and getting a girlfriend.
• Online Dating – Setting up an online profile that gets women to message you.
• Being fully present, grounded, in-state, managing and creating sexual tension and being in the moment.
• How to get outside of your comfort zone with women.
• Deep Rapport – How to always have enough to talk about and build massive comfort/rapport.
• Texting Game Mastery- How to text a girl to spark more attraction and get a date.
• Escalating on the Date – When and how to escalate physically, verbally and logistically.
• AMOGs – How to approach mixed-groups and how to handle alpha males of the group.
• And Much More…

Matt Artisan–Pick Up Artist Academy Course Contents: Videos , Pdfs

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