[Download] Jason Capital – The Power Switch

[Download] Jason Capital – The Power Switch


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Jason Capital – The Power Switch is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

The training offers 10 “yes” compliance techniques, including:
– Social Dominance: How to make an audience bend to the will of your desires
– Silent Compliance: Making a girl happily comply without saying a word
– Ridiculous Compliance: Structuring a question in a way to make a girl see you as high-status
The Power Switch is a collection of courses designed to enable men to ‘flip the attraction’ switch of a woman by demonstrating he is a man of power, respect and desire. The idea is that if you flip this switch to a woman understanding how powerful you are, she will follow and chase you, and the relationship will be on your terms. It includes modules that build on the concept of flipping a woman’s switch so she is investing in you.
The program is structured to help you:
– Radiate an ultra-attractive vibe of abundance
– Discover a wealth of pus,y-having opportunities
– Discover how you are different and stand out from the average guy
– Become more influential and attractive
“Power Switch” has been relaunched on January 7, 2014. Jason Capital was relaunching this product with the addition of a new training called “A Guaranteed Yes”.
The system was initially launched in October 2013 as Natural Charm Installation System.
SIZE: 900 MB

Jason Capital – The Power Switch Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs

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