[Download] RSD Todd – Text And Dates Machine

[Download] RSD Todd – Text And Dates Machine


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RSD Todd – Text And Dates Machine is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

My Precision-Engineered System For Getting Her To Meet Me At The Snap Of A Text…
… And How I Get Her Home 90% Of The Time
“Text & Dates Machine” is Todd Valentine’s system for using texts to meet women. It shows you how to improve your text game with women, as well as teaching you the hows and whys of effective texting to understand what a woman is thinking.
The program also shows you how to reply to texts and offers actionable techniques aimed at helping to get you more dates with the women you want. Part 2 of the program offers a method to pull 80 – 90% of dates home and into bed.
Real-life examples of actual text conversations and video of dates are also included.
What You’ll Learn:
 The Inner Game Of Texting
 Creating Text-Game Abundance
 The Difference Between Needy And Persistent
 The Non-Response Response
 Anatomy Of A Solid Number
 The RIGHT Way to Qualify
 The 5 Minute Rule
 The Make-Or-Break First Text
 The Social Bank Account
 Callback Humor And Personalization
 Building Intrigue
 Avoiding Her Text TRAPS
 The Four Types Of Texts
 Silence, Shit Tests And Logic
 Getting Her To Chase
 How To Instigate Your Way Into Her Mind
 Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Super-Chargers
 The Rules Of The Phone Call
 Resurrecting Dead Numbers
 Calibrating To Her Text Blueprint
 The Date Manifesto
 Why “Boring” Dates Are Better
 Real Text-Game Cheat Codes That Work
 How I Pull Almost 80-90% Of The Dates I Go On
SIZE: 5,2 GB

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