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RSD Madison’s Bootcamp @ Home is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

With an RSD Bootcamp, you will…
Experience INSTRUCTOR LEVEL game demonstrated live right in front of you. You will gain a precise understanding of what pickup is supposed to look like, so you can model and replicate it quickly.
Finally grasp the subliminal ticks and mental processes that are crippling your chances of success and discover how you can turn those unknown weaknesses into STRENGTHS.
See how an entire weekend of EPIC game is constructed, and how each day’s success builds on the next. (This is impossible to grasp from a video or a seminar)
The RSD Bootcamp is the without a doubt, the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to uncover your personal roadmap to advanced level game and train alongside a seasoned veteran.
Not going out → Time efficient game blueprints, online game, text game and social media game modules will provide a steady stream of high-quality girls from your everyday life. Going out will OVERFLOW your funnel, it won’t be the funnel.
Buying products and not implementing them → Up to 12 Routine LIVE Bootcamp Debriefs and 3 Accountability Webinars will ensure you are implementing the Bootcamp at Home curriculum, staying on your path and connecting with the MBCAH Brigade.
Not knowing your sticking points → In your mind you have your “Known Unknowns” – for example you know you don’t know how to manage last minute resistance because you have messed it up before. You also have “Unknown Unknowns” – red flag behaviors and traits that are subliminally screaming “STAY AWAY” at every quality girl you meet. Once we make these “unknowns” known to you, we can FIX THEM.
Filling in your blind spots → We will open your eyes to the INVISIBLE WALL that you’ve been running into over and over again without even realizing it. Your hidden blind spots have been DESTROYING your chances of success and you need that expert 3rd party perspective to show them to you.
“Stuck” in intermediate purgatory → The KEY to getting out of intermediate purgatory is developing CONSISTENCY. This requires us to train you to activate your state by self generating your positive emotions. The core curriculum will give you the theory on this and we HAMMER it into your skull with cutting edge exercises in later modules.
Today is the day to STOP LOSING and START WINNING…
The Madison Bootcamp at Home will SHOW YOU THE WAY…
Madison Bootcamp at Home will Unstick Your Sticking Points with Powerful Veteran Insights, Accelerate Your Progress by Filling In The Holes In Your Game, and Teach You How to Use Your Personal Archetype to Attractively Convey Your Unique Identity to Women:
Take your sticking points, and crush them into dust – all of those things that are bothering you and holding you back will be eliminated.
Get yourself unstuck from your current paradigm, and find yourself evolving and growing every step of the way.
Embrace the process of wiping away your limitations and barriers – watching them dissolve before you as you accelerate on your path to success.
Take your internal weaknesses and blind spots and turn them into newfound strengths.
Bring awareness to the external blind spots that you have been overlooking this entire time – turning them into opportunities for knowledge and progress.
Expand your perception into a new dimension by opening your vision further and further into the realm of possibility and abundance – triggering permanent growth.
Discover your personal pickup archetype, and bring a new sense of realization to the things that work best for you, and why.
Dial into your on psychology and step into a new dimension of learning and growth that you have never been able to experience before.
Experience a training methodology that feels natural and organic, because it is fine-tuned and curated specifically to the way YOU learn best.
Build on top of your existing knowledge of game with the highest-level insights available anywhere.
Re-cement a rock-solid foundation that you can use as a jumping-off point for all future growth.
Re-visit the paradigms of game – from the beginner, to the intermediate, to the advanced, and discover new angles and concepts you missed before.
Sit side-by-side with Madison and his students as they run through rare debriefs usually only available to Bootcamp students.
Participate live and ask questions directly to me, allowing for in-depth, personalized responses that are custom-tailored to you and your needs.
Get instant feedback from me without having to waste another night going out and repeating the same mistake over and over again.
Now, you might be thinking:
“What makes the Madison Bootcamp at Home different from everything else?
I thought you’d never ask,
Let me break it down for you!
The Madison Bootcamp at Home Includes
Never-Before-Seen Archetype Profiling to Deliver
Personalized Results
Bootcamp at Home is the first online program to be highly personalized to YOU.
Just like a live Bootcamp, it goes through the process of diagnosing your specific dating/pickup archetype and sticking points.
This groundbreaking online course and community employs a proprietary dating personality test developed by me and my team. It is backed by THOUSANDS of data points I have collected from YEARS of coaching guys in the field.
Once inside the program, you will have access to the full quiz and results. Once taken, your top 3 archetypes will lead you to the section of the course that discusses and lays out EXACTLY what your sticking points are and gives you the game plan to BLAST past them.
You won’t find ANYTHING like this ANYWHERE in the dating world. Trust me, I have looked. This is “Myers-Briggs” for your pickup personality. Use this tool DEEPEN your understanding of how your default mindsets cause or prevent your RESULTS.
In pickup, self-awareness is key. I am astonished by how blind most my students are to what area of their game they should be fixing.
In The Madison Bootcamp at Home, each archetype section contains the insights and third party perspective needed for you to DIAGNOSE those sticking points you can’t see. Then a custom tailored solution is laid out to guide you through them.
For the past two years, I have been taking extensive notes on every student I have had on program. I have analyzed their belief systems, behaviors, and pickup technique.
I crunched the data and the 10 archetypes were born…
Each archetype has it’s own game plan – a set of trainings, mindsets, and methods for unsticking the highest leverage sticking points they have. Unsticking major sticking points results in mammoth leaps in progress (hotter girls, more girls, consistency, charisma, etc.).
Bootcamp at Home is designed for YOU. No other pickup program takes the time to assess your personal problems and direct you into the course of action that will unstick the issues blocking you from getting the abundant sex life of your dreams.
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