[Download] Ross Jeffries – Persuasion in Action

[Download] Ross Jeffries – Persuasion in Action


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Ross Jeffries – Persuasion in Action is one of the best Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology, Courses and Trainings

Discover The Unstoppable Influence System That Could Triple Your Closing, Conversions, and Sales – Guaranteed?
You’ll be receiving tremendous value by watching me share stuff like….
How To Present As An Absolute, Unquestionable and Awesome Authority In The World Of Your Client/Prospect
How To Effortlessly Leverage The Power Of The Willing Suspension Of Disbelief Through Unconscious Process Recognition
How To Use Presuppositions And Suggestions To Bind Your Prospect’s Mind To Build “Action Momentum”, So Every Word You Write Or Say Drives Them To Take Action … Now … Just As You’ve Suggested!
The Fascinating “Persuasion In Action” Student Hot Seats Where I Demonstrate Live, How The Theory Works In Action
It’s really quite simple: you’ll get word-for-word language that you can immediately “steal” and put to use to start making money and getting your results in any context, as soon as you claim your instant access to your “Persuasion In Action” video collection.
Here’s what else the students learned, and what you’ll get:
How To Use “Process Language” To Present The Illusion Of Being A Trusted And Unquestionable Authority In Your Audience/Prospects’ World
The False Profession Of Ignorance – Your #1 Key Tool To Set Up And Open Up Your Prospect’s Mind To Suspend Disbelief And Want To Be Convinced By Your Words
How To Bind Your Prospect’s Mind To Do What You Say (And Do It NOW!)
How To Embed “Recursive Thought Loops” That Compel Instant Compliance With Each And Every Word You Write Or Speak
The Real World, Most Effective Way To Learn And Use The Combined Power Of Embedded Commands, Presuppositions And Vague Language (When You Line All Of These Up, You Create A Virtual Persuasion Nuclear Weapon That Annihilates Any And All Resistance)
How To Master The Art Of “Conversational Reframing” To Diffuse Any And All Objections And Come Out On Top, Almost Every Time (Let’s Face It; There’s Always Going To Be People Who Don’t Buy, But That Will Become A Much Smaller Group Once You Learn These Techniques)
And much, much more in this structured immersion training that gives you skills you can put to use right away!
SIZE: 3,8 GB

Ross Jeffries – Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs

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