[Download] Penetration Orgasm Mastery – 2GTS – Marcus London

[Download] Penetration Orgasm Mastery – 2GTS – Marcus London


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Penetration Orgasm Mastery is one of the best Sex, Courses and Trainings

I want to show you a ‘trick’ you can use TONIGHT to take advantage of MILLIONS of years of evolution – and make your woman addicted to sex with you on a PRIMAL level…

Making her feel the kind of intense, irrational craving that will make her do ANYTHING just to get a taste of you inside her…

The kind of craving that many of my students have said gives a man WAY TOO MUCH POWER over women…

Penetration Orgasm Mastery is broken into 8 sections, and 3 bonus videos.

Ultimate Penetration Orgasms 1
Conquer Your Stamina
Porn Star Vitality
Deep Impact Extreme
Ultimate Penetration Orgasms 2
Ultimate Doggy Style
Evolution of Sex
Multiple Penetration Orgasms

3 bonus videos

The Orgasm Trainer
Recover & Re-pound
The Get It Up Cure

Ultimate Penetration Orgasms 1

Its a 30 minute seminar, followed by a 30 minute demonstration.

– How to give a woman the best multiple orgasm
– Making a woman want your cock just by kissing
– The touch technique to create body-shaking sensations
– Techniques to make a woman orgasm in many different ways
– How to use your fingers inside of her to create to powerful sensations

Conquer Your Stamina

This is a 2 part, 30 minute seminar, with Marcus London, and Ryan McLane. Followed by a 35 minute demonstration, with London, and Coach Brooklyn, where you’ll learn the Coital Alignment Technique. 2 Girls Teach Sex already has two stamina products out, so you can expect this to be a watered down version of both those products. You can read more about them

Stamina is to be one of the most important things when it comes to being good in bed, along with proper foreplay techniques of course. There are stamina techniques that will help you improve over the long-term, this is what 2 Girls Teach Sex teaches guys, breathing, edging, ect. Then there are stamina devices which can improve your stamina quickly, this would be the Bathmate, or Penomet. Which is highly recommended.

– How to give a woman a body-quaking blended orgasm in less than 5 minutes
– The Ejaculation Emergency Shut Off Valve to stop yourself from coming too soon
– Dip and drive-thrusting pattern targeting her orgasmic pleasure triggers while giving you pounding orgasmic stamina

Porn Star Vitality

London, and McLane want to make it clear that your body just isn’t a machine, it’s a sex machine! This entire seminar is about what to do to have porn star vitality, no shit right? But specifically its about being healthy, what do eat, and do to be able to last like a porn star. They touch on smoking on how it can effect your endurance.

This seminar is about you are what you eat. London actually says “we’re not telling you to go to the gym”. Eating healthy helps, but if you eat raw food all day but sit on your ass your not going to improve your endurance. They will talk about the importance of exercising in part 2.

Deep Impact Extreme

Don’t worry this isn’t the sequel to the 1998 bore-fest about a comet hitting earth.

This section is about rough sex, slapping, choking, ect, and how to do it properly. Also where the Deep Impact factor comes in is about learning how to use different depths when penetrating a girl. Among other techniques you’re going to be taught the Butterfly Technique

When you’re applying the Butterfly Technique, it’ll help keep your focus off of ejaculating too soon. The key to this technique is changing up the depth of your penis, don’t just keep using shallow thrust, if you do.

– Missionary variations for maximum penetration
– A technique to make you feel like a porn star giving on-camera orgasms
– Positions and thrusting patterns to make her feel like you are bigger inside her
– A technique for mixing up deep and shallow penetration to intensify multiple climaxes

Ultimate Penetration Orgasms 2

This section starts out a differently then the rest. You first watch the One Hour Penetration Orgasms demonstration, before moving onto the seminar.

You learn how to make a girl orgasm through different avenues, fingering, cunnilingus, penetration, and just learning to mix it up. When fucking a girl, and you switch positions. Make her squirt by fingering her before you fuck her again. Keep kissing her during penetration, and caress her breasts.

Ultimate Doggy Style

– An advanced doggy position that positions you perfectly
– Why the bed is the worst place to get a woman into doggystyle
– Using your fingers during doggystyle to give a woman more orgasm
– 5 top doggystyle variations to control your stamina while stimulating her g-, deep, and squirt spots

Evolution of Sex

This is the Evolution of Sex section. You get educated on the evolution of sex.

Multiple Penetration Orgasms

– How to give her the twister orgasm and make her come within seconds
– An eye contact technique to make a woman hot and begging for sex with you
– Putting a woman in the best position that makes you seem dominant and powerful


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