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[Download] Nick Krauser – Daygame Infinite


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Nick Krauser – Daygame Infinite is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

There’s a new gold standard in pick-up and its name is Daygame Infinite. This is the most advanced material there is. It covers the entire London Daygame Model from the moment you hit the streets until the moment you’re banging the girl you picked up there. Everything!
A full discussion of how to improve your mental state and natural charisma to prepare you for the streets
Detailed advice on how to scan those streets to determine which girls are likely to want to talk to you
Techniques that ‘power up’ your interactions, letting you leap from social to sexual right there on the street
How to get the girls out on dates, explored in extreme detail using many real-life WhatsApp chats with analysis of what to do at every step
The most insightful analysis of first dates ever created. Every step of the dating model is explored using transcripts of real life dates
Detailed insight on how to handle the tricky period of getting a girl back out onto a second date in another chapter loaded with real life examples
How to recognise the next date is the ‘sex date’ and then how to take her home
How to satisfy a girl in bed so she keeps coming back.
Daygame Infinite is the most advanced and most detailed book ever written on the subject of picking up girls. It’s a 524-page treasure trove of insight. And now it’s available to you in a handsome full colour hardback edition. This is your opportunity to purchase a guide book that will improve your game for years to come.
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