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[Download] Mitch Miller – Secrets of a Silver Tongued Seducer


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Mitch Miller – Secrets of a Silver Tongued Seducer is one of the best Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology, Courses and Trainings

Imagine Knowing Exactly What To Do In All Social Situations So You Can Defend Any Argument, Brush Off Any Attack, And Have Razor Sharp Wit Always Ready To Slide Off Your Tongue Smoother Than My Newly Found Bald Spot!
You don’t have to imagine because I am pulling back the curtain and exposing how the most powerful people in the world “hold court”, and I break it all down with actual video examples and play-by-play commentary
Here’s Just A LITTLE Of What You’re About To Discover…

How To Sneak Out Of Any Argument Without Looking Like You Lost It
Ever been arguing with someone and it’s going nowhere and you want it to end… but you don’t want to give up and have them think they won? We all have. And in this video, I’ll reveal the exact technique to “bowing out” of a debate without looking bad, and without the other person being victorious over you. (It’s a three step approach, and not only do I teach it to you, Gary Vaynerchuk does too! )
I found a perfect example of this technique and you’ll watch as I break down the interaction between Joe Rogan and Gary V, and you’ll see exactly how Gary weasels his way out of Joe’s argumentative grasp… with class and smooth grace
How To Win The Awe And Respect Of New Friends And Everyone Around You By Reading Their Minds Using A Technique Pioneered By Psychics & Gypsies
This is an extremely powerful way to make complete strangers believe that you know a lot about them, even if you’ve never met them before. Using the training in this video lesson, you can surprise them with everything about their personality and reveal amazing details about their private life, all without any prior knowledge! All you need to know are some simple tricks and techniques which can make anyone look like a mind reader (and trusted friend).
How To Verbally Destroy Someone In A Public Setting
Sometimes you need to.
This is my favorite video lesson because, all too often, people try and make you look stupid. Maybe you are at a bar, maybe a friends house, maybe you are just anywhere there’s a group of people… but the end result is the same: Someone is trying to tell you  you don’t belong.
If you’ve ever been quietly shamed by someone trying to make you feel you don’t belong in a group, this is your exact step-by-step playbook on how to destroy this person while looking cool as a cucumber! This is evil, but trust me, if you are using this on someone, it’s well deserved. In this video, I walk you through a hidden camera scenario where someone is trying to ruin one of my mentors. What you’ll see next will rock you to your core and have you busting a gut laughing! My mentor OWNS this guy. Let me tell you, most of us would crumble under this kind of pressure, but Owen makes it all look so easy… AND I BREAK IT ALL DOWN PIECE BY PIECE, MOMENT BY MOMENT FOR YOU.
The Invisible Question You Can Use To Control Almost Any Conversation
This is a technique that was taught to me in PR and media training. When you are preparing to appear on television, you must learn certain techniques for dealing with the press. They are very sneaky at putting you in a box, making you look stupid, and furthering their agenda through your words. Make sure you know the invisible question for everyday life because in any social setting, you may be asked a question that tries to paint you into a corner… how are you going to get out? By remembering The Invisible Question of course!
How To Keep A Room Mesmerized And Entertained
There are at least 100 different ways to be the life of the party including just being cool and having fun, but THIS one… is just genius. Comedian Bill Burr does this all the time. (Bill is one of the best comics in the world and he commands a room like nobody else I’ve ever seen while still remaining humble(ish) and funny.) He uses one simple trick, one you can use right now – it requires no skill – and when you do, you’ll instantly be the center of attention and life of the party.
Social Skill Secrets For Introverts
Believe it or not, I’m actually an introvert. People annoy me, and I enjoy spending a lot of time alone. Being in front of groups of people drains my energy and I’d rather sit back and read, or write.
But I came to terms years ago that if I wanted to reach my dreams, there are things you gotta do… and one of those things is master social skills.
I can’t say I’ve fully mastered them (nobody can say that unless you are Tony Robbins), but I’ve got a good grasp on this game. And communication skills is the game of money. Actually, it’s like it’s own little language. A language we all need to get better at.
I’ve been studying psychology, social dynamics, sales, NLP, behavioral economics and all sorts of weird stuff since 2004 in order to refine my personality and get to the top of my game.
People don’t realize how much I know and how far I’ve come…
“Another course Mitch… wtf!”
Yep. I’m taking the brakes off. I got the goods and it’s time to step up, prove it, and help as many people as possible. If you want to be more respected, and have people truly “get you”, then you need to step up your game and learn the language of dealing with people.
Warning: There Are Courses Out There Put Together By Slick Talking Dipshits Who Just Scrape Content From A Google Search. This Is Not One Of Those Courses…
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