[Download] Jonathan Altfeld – Persuasion Tactics Power Summit

[Download] Jonathan Altfeld – Persuasion Tactics Power Summit


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Jonathan Altfeld – Persuasion Tactics Power Summit is one of the best Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology, Courses and Trainings

Have you tried hard to ‘fit’ theoretical influence concepts or language pattern formulas over to ‘real-world’ persuasion contexts — that demand more than theory, more than weird-sounding canned patterns?
Someone else did all the hard work for you… and applied more than $200K worth of training, information products, and coaching… over to personally-developed tests with 1000’s of people… with $millions earned from techniques refined over time, and ultimately…
He figured out what works ridiculously well, and what just doesn’t.   Even better, you can gain access to what he learned.
This course doesn’t bear any resemblance to typical NLP courses for influence or persuasion.  It’s unique.
We only taught the course one time, but you can still learn from this extraordinary workshop.  You can order the 8-hour “Persuasion Summit” DVDAudio-set.
Here’s a summary of the tactics we cover in our DVDAudio set:
* 17 Ways To Use Persuasion To Negotiate. Never Pay Retail Again!
* 5 State-Of-The-Art Trust-Building Methods. Inspire UNLIMITED trust in your clients, co-workers and loved ones and make them fiercely loyal to you.
* 2 Unique Ways To Eliminate Conflicts – FOREVER!
* The objection Fecaster. How to know any likely objections to an idea, product, service proposal BEFORE you even meet with your contact. Have all the time you need to prepare the perfect rebuttal in advance.
* The Strange, Fail-Safe “Big Left-Toe” Method. How a 45 year old friend used this Method to launch himself into his own personal heaven-on-earth by getting three knockout girlfriends and securing a job where he wks less than 15 hours a week from his house and pulls in over $2000 a week.
* Gain people’s attention easily and get others to see the wld as you do- IN YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY.
* The Cold Call Reluctance Wipe-Out. Wipe out your fears of making a cold call, meeting a stranger, talking to someone that intimidates you in less than 60 seconds with this weird but effective technique.
* How To Get Inside Your Clients, Lovers, Or Bosses Head. Make Any Of Your Ideas “Their Ideas” In An Instant.
* The Custom Criteria Installation Technique. How to “Lay down the law” in business and personal relationships and get others to give you exactly what you want.
* The Tactic Generat. Create Custom Persuasion Tactics On-The-Fly F Any Purpose.
* How To Create A “Virtual Character”. Have people see you as a me powerful presence. . . exude the charismatic characteristics that draw people like a super-magnet.
* 5 killer Closing Tactics. Say goodbye to the times you felt it was difficult to close a deal because you had po skill in persuading negotiating.
* The Argument Defuser. Possess the skills needed to win any argument make the argument disappear without a trace.
* Dr. Sulo’s Law Of Perceptual Difference. An auth who’s been dead f 80 years reveals to you the secret reason people have conflicts and how this simple concept can “turn the tables” on the 55% divce rate in this country. (Understanding this may keep you from becoming a statistic!)
* Discover The 2 Types Of Persuasion. How over 70% of the population is using the wrong type at the wrong time in nearly every personal business communication.
* 2 Ways To Masterfully Influence The Powers That Be In Your Wkplace. Rapidly move up in any company!
* 4 Ways To Hypnotically Captivate Your Audience. Persuasion as applied by preachers, cult leaders, advertisers and how you can use their techniques to sky rocket your success.
* The Four Criteria Dances. Enhance your personal relationships and have a magnetic impact upon the opposite sex.
* 26 Powerful Language Patterns. Creating irresistible communication that makes it impossible to say “no.”
* “Boundary Builders”. How to stop doing too much for others and start having them fulfill your needs and wants- CHEERFULLY!
* 2 “Killer” Motivation Strategies. Kick Start Yourself To Get What You Want In Life.
SIZE: 390 MB (Audio)

Jonathan Altfeld – Persuasion Tactics Power Summit Contents: Audios, Pdfs

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