[Download] Janka Method – Approach Manual

[Download] Janka Method – Approach Manual


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Janka Method – Approach Manual is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

“Janka Method” offers techniques on how to approach women, start conversations, and build instant sexual chemistry.
Developed by a Harvard educated writer, it covers the stages of the attraction process and takes you from “hello” all the way to the bedroom.
List of Topics Covered:
– How to approach any woman
– How to get her phone number in under 2 minutes
– How to eliminate all nervousness and awkwardness when talking to women
– Meeting women everywhere you go, without any hesitation or fear of approach
– How to create instant sexual chemistry
– How to initiate interesting conversations with women that lead to dates and sex
– How to make a great first impression on a women
– How to develop the necessary skills to meet women in a variety of situations
– What to say to make a great impression and get her phone number
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Janka  Method – Approach Manual Contents: Pdfs

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