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Influence Academy – Magnetic Openings is one of the best Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology, Courses and Trainings

Roberto Monaco – Magnetic Openings: How to Attract, Engage and Retain Your Audience from the Beginning
If you plan to get in front of a camera or crowd, this is a killer program. Roberto taught all of Tony Robbins’ staff and has an unreal resume of experience.
From Roberto:
If you want to learn how to influence people and take control of your destiny, you are in the right place. Let’s face it: Influence is power. Your ability to influence other people do what you would like them to do is the difference in having everything you want in life and just ‘getting by”. Your ability to influence YOURSELF to do things that you don’t want to do.Your ability to overcome your fears is your key to open up destiny’s door. Group presentations or 1 to Many communication is the fastest way for you to reach and influence the most people.
How Do You Influence the Masses?
You start by mastering group presentations: seminars, keynotes, lead seminars, teleseminars, videos. …you BECOME a MASTER OF INFLUENCE.
Roberto Monaco has been a full-time speaker, coach and trainer since 2002, and has conducted more than 4,500 presentations in America, Canada, Mexico, England, Brazil and Puerto Rico in the areas of public speaking, sales, video marketing, influence and peak performance.
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