[Download] GMB – Body Blaster Challenge Circuit Bundle

[Download] GMB – Body Blaster Challenge Circuit Bundle


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GMB – Body Blaster Challenge Circuit Bundle is one of the best Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, Courses and Trainings

The BBCCs (Body Blaster Challenge Circuit) programs are our three mini-conditioning programs that complement our Rings, Parallettes, and Floor training programs.
Rings BBCC
Parallettes BBCC
Floor BBCC
These BBCCs will become your go-to workouts for a fun, challenging workout anytime.
You’ll not only “feel the burn” with our super-effective interval protocol, but you’ll also improve your mobility and overall movement flow with some unconventional exercises – no more repetitive sessions doing the same old thing.
The three BBCC programs will challenge your ideas of what it means to work out. Not only will they build “multidimensional” movement skill and strength, but you’ll notice dramatic improvements in stamina if you practice them consistently.
And if you burn some fat? Yeah, that’s just a bonus.
The best part is that you can follow the included programs, or just drop them right into whatever training you’re currently doing – any time you want to change things up a bit.
Three Great Workouts – Total Flexibility
Rings. Parallettes. Bodyweight. Why choose just one?
The Rings BBCC Workout
This is the mini-program from GMB that started all this madness in the first place.
We designed the BBCC as a “rings lite” program you can plug into your schedule on your terms. It’s short, fun, and brutally effec­tive at work­ing every part of your body – even muscles you may have never noticed you had before. And with the included warm-up and cool-down, and full programming guidelines, there’s really nothing “mini” about the Rings BBCC or the strength it builds.
The Parallettes BBCC Workout
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Parallettes are much more than glorified push-up bars.
Though you’re absolutely free to use whatever training equipment makes you feel warm and fuzzy, this program shows why we feel the P-bars are a great tool for improving your pressing and core strength. You’ll do some push-ups too (GMB-style, of course), but the Parallettes BBCC includes movements that work the entire body. The newly designed conditioning protocol will build stamina and, yes, even “torch” fat.
The Floor BBCC Workout
The Floor BBCC is built on the same template as the P-BBCC version, but requires no equipment.
This program includes a little of everything: holds, locomotion, gymnastic-style bodyweight exercise, and something called “nengi.” You’re going to have a blast getting down on the floor and playing with these exercises, and you’ll be doubly pleased with the increased mobility, strength, and balance you get from your practice. This routine can be done anywhere at any time, and will have you feeling like a kid again in no time.
This is bodyweight exercise as it was meant to be.
The download also includes:
Handstand Module – 17 Videos, 2 Pdfs
Recovery Module – 2 Videos, 1 Pdf
SIZE: 1,5 GB

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