[Download] Girls Chase – Spellbinding Get Her Talking

[Download] Girls Chase – Spellbinding Get Her Talking


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Girls Chase – Spellbinding Get Her Talking is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

I distilled everything I knew and everything I was doing about building incredible connections and conversations, condensed it, and packed it all into a just-over 1 hour long video program that’s literally BURSTING AT THE SEAMS with how-to instructions and steps, with LOADS of examples so you’ll know just what I mean, and a clear path for you to very quickly transform yourself into a man who puts women under his spell with words — just like the other men who’ve learned this.
And now it’s done.
It’s ready.
And I’m presenting it to you right now.
And just to let you know that this program is no ordinary video program — not by a long shot — let me tell you a little bit about just a few of the things you’ll learn inside:
What most men do in conversation (and the mistakes they make) – video 2
Why most men talk TOO much (and that’s not a good thing) – video 6
What the 3 signs you’re on a bad topic are (and the 2 things you can do to get off of one) – video 13
Why drawing women in and getting them curious about your conversation is so important (and why men who don’t bother doing this usually end up going home alone) – video 7
How to pare down the whole drawn-out getting-to-know-you process to MINUTES instead of WEEKS and get women connecting to you EXTREMELY fast (without having to spend all your time or money) – video 10
What bridges and gaps are — and why women are PUT OFF by the kind of conversation most men use (and how to start using the kind of conversation they RESPOND to!) – video 8
What the “thread cutting” is (and why so many men who are beginners LOSE women by not using this) – video 15
How to use Chase Framing to get women turned on by you in a HURRY (and get yourself off the sidelines) – video 17
How applying the “Law of Least Effort” with women makes you come across a lot more powerful, sexual, and attractive — even when you aren’t saying a WORD – video 3
Why it’s a BAD IDEA to let women start using you as a shoulder to cry on or complain to (even if they’ve had a bad day) – video 15
How to get women investing in you the MOMENT you start talking to them (and get them wanting to stick around and get to know you more from the outset) – video 7
What “thread amplifying” is, and how its potent ability to get women connecting to you can be used to your tremendous advantage (instead of wasthing great topics like most men do) – video 16
How to plant the seed of physical chemistry into women’s heads with your words and turn a girl you LIKE into a girl you’re LOVERS with (and stop ending up in the friend zone) – video 17
A complete recap and review of everything we’ve covered, full of additional examples and even more detailed explanations (to make absolutely sure that you get every last morsel of learning out of this program) – videos 18 to 24
and LOADS more…
Bonus eBook
You know what I think you’ll love even more is that this program — the most comprehensive one on conversation that’s ever been created — isn’t all you get.
On top of the videos, I’m also including a copy of The Road to Riveting Conversations, my 26-page companion handbook to Spellbinding.
Inside The Road to Riveting Conversation, you’ll find:
Concise breakdowns of everything in the videos — so you’ll be able to skim through quickly whenever you need a refresher
Action Plans for each major content section of the program, including “Identifying Bad Topics,” “Bridges and Gaps,” “Chase Framing,” and a bunch more (so you know EXACTLY where to get started putting these lessons into action to begin seeing results with women IMMEDIATELY)
10 extra pages of notes to chronicle your own findings, outings, and ideas
A collection of entirely NEW examples COMPLETELY separate from the video, so you’ll have even more ideas about how to use the concepts and material you’ll learn
SIZE: 1,1 GB (24 Videos, 1 PDF)

Girls Chase – Spellbinding Get Her Talking Contents: Videos, Pdf

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