[Download] Derek Rake – Intrigue Black Book & Black Book 2

[Download] Derek Rake – Intrigue Black Book & Black Book 2


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Derek Rake – Intrigue Black Book & Black Book 2 is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

Intrigue Black Book
Arm Yourself With The Most Advanced Intrigue Generation Tactics Ever
Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in everyday situations
Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in social environments
Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in a noisy environment (clubs or bars)
The most fundamental principle of Intrigue Generation – “L*** is A***** M***”
A secret “hack” that brings your Intrigue Pings to the next level – infuse it with the same principle which powers up Implanted Commands
The crucial differences between Shogun Method Intrigue Pings and Pickup Artist “opener routines” or pickup lines
The Five Grounding Principles of Intrigue Pings – obey all five and your success is pretty much guaranteed
The single most important aspect of the Intrigue stage inside the IRAE Model
The art of timing your Intrigue Pings – especially crucial when you’re in a club or bar
Why you don’t even need to be a good conversationalist to make a woman intrigued
The biggest misconception about the the initial approach – why you don’t NEED to spark instant attraction
What if you “screw up” an Intrigue Ping? Follow this no-fail rebound strategy
The difference between face-to-face and text/online Intrigue Pings
The ONLY valid reason to use Intrigue Pings via text (warning: disobey this rule and you’ll see things go badly quickly!)
Black Book 2
What’s Inside The Program
How to play Mind Games on women… and use them as “mini” IRAE sequence leading up to the Black Rose
“Emotional Blackmail” – women have been using this manipulative tactic on men for ages… now it’s our chance to play this Mind Game back on them!
The structure of an effective Emotional Blackmail with sample lines and routines + the five characteristics of powerful Emotional Blackmailing
“You Owe Me” – a simple Enslavement Mind Game you can use to get what you want out of your woman quickly
Gaslighting – an age-old emotional manipulation trick enhanced and repurposed to be used as a killer Enslavement tactic.
Four stages of Gaslighting: learn how to use this technique step-by-step similar to the IRAE Model
“Yes Ladder” – a classic trick used by the media to build mass acceptance and authority… you can now use it to get compliance from your woman quickly
The “RGA” components of effective Yes Ladders – discover how to build your Yes Ladder routine and make it bulletproof
Apply a new “twist” to the Yes Ladder and turn it into a devastating Boyfriend Destroyer routine!
“Pacing + Leading” – the framework that powers up every single Shogun Sequence… see what’s under the hood and understand why Shogun Sequences are so effective
How to use “Pacing Statements” to distract a woman’s conscious mind and keep her in “HOT” mode while you manipulate her subconscious
How to use “Leading Statements” to directly plant ideas into her subconscious mind
Plenty of examples of “Pacing Statements”, “Leading Statements”, and a powerful “Pacing + Leading” routine
If you can’t escalate from the Rapport stage, you’ll be stuck in the friend zone. Learn the five biggest Rapport stage mistakes and how to avoid them
How to avoid the “Premature Escalation” problem by using a technique which you already know (from the core Shogun Method program)
Eliminate “Bad Subconscious Communications” and learn how to send out good vibes with a simple body language trick
“Value Elicitation” simplified into one, six-word question!
How to identify a woman’s “emotional keywords” and use them as your secret weapon to trigger her Hot Mode whenever you want
…and more!

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