[Download] David Snyder – Vibrational Healing

[Download] David Snyder – Vibrational Healing


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David Snyder – Vibrational Healing is one of the best Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology, Courses and Trainings

DISCLAIMER: This is an advanced level course.
This is an advanced energetic healing course that specifically focuses on developing your vibrational healing capabilities using powerful modalities.
Join David in the online seminar Vibrational Healing, and you will discover…
Advanced State Control For Energy Healing Applications
How To Develop Your Psychic Skills
Commonly Used Modalities Of Energy Healing
An Introduction To Healing Based On Hermetic Philosophy
Overview Of Energetic Healing Applications
Emphasis On Both Local And Remote Healing
Introduction To Astral Projection
How To Remotely Charge Water
How To Do Remote Healing
Builds Off Of Vibrational Influence
We focus on working with these modalities of energy healing:
Bengston System
Pranic Healing
DNA Theta Healing
And Learn Exactly How All These Healing Modalities Connect With Eachtoher…
We cover these skillsets as well:
The Basics Of Breathwork
Energy Building
Energy Regulating
Purifying Negative Energy
SIZE: 8,65 GB

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