[Download] Arash Dibazar – Seductive Confidence

[Download] Arash Dibazar – Seductive Confidence


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Arash Dibazar – Seductive Confidence is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

I live the life of a rock star. I roll with an entourage of 12-14 of the hottest women in the bay area. They will do anything I say. They will drop their boyfriends, quit their jobs, and give me total compliance. At any given night you can find 6-8 girls with me at my place. Some you’ve seen on videos, in magazines and in Playboy. I have intense power with these girls. I’m a mind bender. Their mind and emotions is where I make my home. I’m living my fantasy.
Now, I’m a pretty regular guy. I have average looks, am not particularly athletic, and I don’t have a lot of money. I’m not genetically gifted. I don’t have as much money as club owners or engineers. But they wish they had my life. So the question is: How did I do it? Or perhaps the better question is: What was it about my personality that enables me to live the lifestyle of a rock star?
How to develop a Seductive Confidence
Are you ok with your self?
Walking around with a banner apologizing.
Who controls your balls?
Primal Energy – A bird will chirp because it is inspired to do so.
The Mating Ritual
Never apologize for your survival and earn your position every single day.
How to get hired guns at the mall. The 9s and 10s.
Why you should you show pre-selection and social proof before you approach her.
How to get better at reading body language.
How to control your nerves and fear while inset.
How to be a more social guy in any environment
What are some indicators of interest to look for.
What are some of our Arash’s favorite DHV’s
How to calibrate when you are overdoing it and being too Alpha
Ways to get someone who is already a friend attracted to you.
Who should lead and who should follow?
If you meet a new girl and you’ve never spoken with her before but she shows you interest should you going to an opener or should you start benefiting value?
Benefits of being playful, funny and cocky.
Which is the most powerful of the evolutionary attraction switches
Using conversational “pebbles” to keep the conversation going
How to use cold reading to mesmerizer
Why you should take in the mirror and ask yourself if the things thats people are saying about you are true.
A secret way to use criticism like judo.
The insecurities that beautiful Women deal with on a daily basis.
Whatever happens to you today is on you.
You have to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Stop lying to yourself.
Trying vs Doing
How you should judge for survival.
The importance of stimulating her mind and emotions and why you are messing up if you don’t. Most guys stimulate her mind first.
Qualification questions should trigger emotions and feelings for both sides.
The way to continuously keep beautiful women around you and attracted.
A secret of the masters that will get her showing you interested and wanting you.
And much more…
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