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[Download] Andrew Tate – Body Language


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Andrew Tate – Body Language is one of the best Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology, Courses and Trainings

The TATE body language program allows you to understand some very important secrets.
Body language is how humans cooperate without speaking.
Evolutionary and extremely important – it’s how every person judges you before you speak a word.
After travelling to 72 countries, being attacked, obtaining beautiful women, being a world level fighter and much more – Tate has learnt how to perfectly use body language to his advantage.
You will learn:

– The secrets to being trusted and listened too.
– How to speak convincingly and be believed.
– How to lie.
– The correct way to stand, act and use your hands to attract females.
– How to make it clear to men, you are not an easy target.
– How to intimidate
– The best way to sit during an argument, or a business meeting.
SIZE: 460 MB
Contents 3 Videos
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