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10X Fitness – MindValley is one of the best Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, Courses and Trainings

Gain your dream body in just two 15-minute weekly workouts by
harnessing the latest science in muscle stimulation
10x is a 12-week online total body transformation program. In this time, you’ll join Lorenzo and Ronan for just 10-15 minutes a day as they guide you through the core exercises for activating your adaptive response mechanisms, engaging your muscles – and permanently transforming your health & fitness in just 15 minutes of working out, twice a week.
10x is easy to follow and accessible for people of all ages, genders, lifestyles, and fitness levels (although we do recommend you start with a baseline level of moderate health & fitness for your age).
You don’t even need a gym membership: all 10x exercises can be performed either at home or at the gym.
10x is divided into three phases, each with its own distinct focus. The program’s ultimate goal is to empower you with a deep understanding of your body’s fitness mechanisms – so that even after the initial 12 weeks, you can easily lock in a lifelong habit of optimized weekly exercise, eat and rest right, and even target specific areas of your body for more focused gains.
How 10x Transforms You In Ways Other Fitness Programs Can’t
Total Transformation In 15 Minutes A Workout, Twice A Week
Triggers your body’s adaptive response mechanism to multiply your strength, endurance, vitality, mobility, and longevity in a tiny fraction of the usual time.
Maximum Results With Minimal Effort
Combines the optimal level of high intensity workouts with the right amount of recovery time and even the right nutrition for recovery, so you only ever need to exercise for a few minutes at a time.
Optimal Weight & Muscle Mass On Autopilot
Increases your muscle composition and basal metabolic rate, so you’re far less vulnerable to unwanted weight gain and muscle loss (you even gain more freedom to enjoy food).
Superior Injury Resistance
Conditions you to focus not just on sets and reps, but on adaptive response and pacing, timing, and breathing – so you’re less prone to muscle tears, damaged joints, and other exercise injuries.
Freedom From Ineffective Cardio
Improves all your markers of health and fitness, without the need for boring, time-consuming cardio workouts that often do more harm than good.
Freedom To Exercise On Your Terms
Gives you the option of working out at the gym, or at home using simple equipment that doesn’t cost a bomb or take up much space.
Upgrade Your Body The Way You Want
Upon completing 10x, you’ll have total freedom to customize your workouts to fit your personal objectives – like focusing on specific body parts, increasing overall strength, and so on..
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