Dialogue Dynamics – Justin Wayne

Dialogue Dynamics – Justin Wayne


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Dialogue Dynamics The Conversation Guide For Men
Understanding the FUNDEMENTALS of being a great CONVERSATIONALIST is the Most Important facet of connecting with people for the first time.
The Conversation is the HIGH-WAY to a woman’s heart, mind, and soul because it can convey many things about yourself.
Being a good conversationalist does NOT require being an EXTRAVERT or EXTREMELY SOCIAL. It requires Social Intelligence and Experience.
This Conversation Guide is designed around the context of having a conversation with a STRANGER for the first time.
The reason for this is because, you will be required to practice your conversation skills in real life with more women than provided in your current social circles.
Also, being able to have great conversations with ‘Strangers’ is the Ultimate sign of a True Conversationalist.
Conversational Skills are necessary in order to attract,date and seduce women.
This presentation is catered to what happens MOST of the times. We do NOT care about the EXCEPTIONS since they only happen about 1% of the times. We only care about the RULE that happens 99% of the times.
This guide will show you the Conversational Stages from Approaching a woman to getting a Sexual Relationship with her.
This Guide is divided into 4 main sections
Justin Wayne – Dialogue Dynamics Section 1: Conversation Fundamentals
Justin Wayne – Dialogue Dynamics Section 2: The Conversation Structure
Justin Wayne – Dialogue Dynamics Section 3: Creating A Deep Connection
Justin Wayne – Dialogue Dynamics Section 4: Conversational Mindsets

Dialogue Dynamics – Justin Wayne Contents: Videos, pptx

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