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MKDELTA is an invite-only project between senior tier of Derek Rake’s clients where new covert hypnosis-based techniques are devised and tested in the field.
Inside you will find the latest techniques that we have uncovered here inside the deep dungeons of Derek Rake Labs, operating out of a conspicuously looking office in downtown Manhattan. In particular, here’s what you’ll find:-
 “The Dragonhead’s Shadow” – a deep persuasion technique which makes a woman do your bidding for you
 “Implanted Commands” – how to make a woman do anything you want her to do by tapping into her subconscious
 “Subliminal State Access” – forget “cold reading” – this is the breakthrough method on building rock hard rapport with a woman you have just met in as little as 10 minutes
 “October Man 2.0” – the latest “mutation” of the infamous October Man Sequence first came to known to the world when exposed by Neil Strauss in the New York Times bestseller “The Game”
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