Charles Black – Dirty Talk Mastery

Charles Black – Dirty Talk Mastery


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Charles Black – Dirty Talk Mastery is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

The Only book You Need
BEFORE You Open Your Mouth In Bed
Let me be upfront with you:
I wrote this book for my own selfish needs… which, to my amusement, happen to be serving your greedy heart too.
As a result, this is a “no holds barred” book on the subject of dirty talking.
This book will give you great power over women.
And like all powers, they can be used for good or evil.
And frankly…
I don’t give a fuck.
Do whatever you want with it, including:
Think of your darkest, kinkiest and most fucked up fantasy you’d like to play out with a woman.
How would you feel if she did?
How would you feel if she’d BEG for it?
Sounds good?
Well, in this book you’ll learn exactly how to brainwash her so she will do this with you – and she’ll even enjoy it.
I give you ready-to-use lines to say in bed. You’ll use those lines to get her into new sexual experiments and you’ll use them to awaken her submissive (or if you’d like, dominant) side.
You will even use those lines to make her cum on command. Sex will be more exciting, and she will behave like your submissive little slut (even if she is the most ‘innocent’ girl on the planet right now).
And if you want her to not only behave like your personal sexslave, but you also want her to scream this out at the top of her lungs… then this book is for you.

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