Captain Jack – New Propulsion System + Game Dynamics Mastery

Captain Jack – New Propulsion System + Game Dynamics Mastery


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Captain Jack – New Propulsion System + Game Dynamics Mastery is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

New Propulsion System
New Propulsion System makes starting conversations with women easy, enjoyable and exciting!
I created a set of Beliefs, Tools and Tactics which made opening POWERFUL – they erased the fear, made me stable and strong mentally and emocionally and actually made starting the conversations easy, thrilling and exciting – instead of a giant ball of fear and pain.
That’s all contained in three audios which cover different aspects.
In just 3-4 short hours, I can help you think entirely different about the subject of Opening.
Imagine having a tool that could help you make opening desirable, appealing, exciting and liberating all at once.
Then, further imagine that you could make anything that got in the WAY of starting a conversation with a woman undesirable. What you’d have is a set of forces push you in the direction of starting a conversation and another set of mental forces which pushed you AWAY FROM any negative alternatives to start that conversation.
The result is a very powerful and compelling movement to go and start the conversation… without fear, without hesitation and without worrying about 1001 things besides creating an AWESOME experience for you and the woman you are about to talk to….
Game Dynamics Mastery
This 4 part teleseminar covers all of the principles of Game Dynamics…the full discovery and codification of the actual agreements that people make when creating a relationship Game.
By understanding the Game’s format, the obstacles, the Roles of the Player and the attempts to Clarify… you can get extremely GOOD at gaining POSITIVE agreement on the Game you want to play with the woman you interact with.
Knowing this you can CREATE any Game you want…from Same Night Lays, to Open Relationship all the way to Marriage!
Game Dynamics provide THE KEY to getting incredibly good in very short period of time. It puts the fun, excitement and adventure back into playing Dating Games.
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Captain Jack – New Propulsion System + Game Dynamics Mastery Contents: Audios, Video, Pdfs

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