[Download] Arash Dibazar – Dark Energy

[Download] Arash Dibazar – Dark Energy


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Arash Dibazar – Dark Energy is one of the best PDS, Courses and Trainings

In this 3 disc DVD set Arash Dibazar teaches how to use your energy to create positive results and how to handle various obstacles while gaming with strength and certainty.

Topics covered include:

How to get over obstacles (the female cock blocker)
What makes a good pickup artist?
What makes a woman a real 9 or 10?
What should you do if you are with a woman and hotter women are showing you interest?
How to deal with her ex-boyfriend being back in the picture
How to plant the seed in a woman’s mind that is unhappy in her relationship
Your own personal ethics in game
Should you pursue a woman in a relationship that is showing you interest?
How to continuously display high value (DHV)
Will looking at an attractive woman who walks by drop your value?
What do you do if you go out with a friend and he starts to hit on the target?
Language patterns and how to use them
How to remain consistent in your emotional state during times of success and failure in a pickup
How to manage multiple relationships
How to get out of the friend zone
How do relationships change once there is full commitment (Boy/Girlfriend & Marriage)
Quantum physics/energy and its application in game
Importance of good communication skills
How to game women at the mall
Passion and seduction in language
Having complete certainty/frame control
The power of suggestion

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